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Paul Haywood

Paul Haywood

One is swept up by this instantly likeable, lanky looneytune and kept by the depth of material and performance. Paul is a high end, free wheeling hybrid, able to work absolutely clean (or not) with ease. He draws material from his crazy everyday life and spins it into comedy gold.  His natural improv skills keep audiences wanting more.

Paul has been a fixture on the national scene since winning the Toronto New Comic Search in 1998.  Over his 20 years he has done it all, from packed theaters of 1000 people to 25 people in a man-cave garage. He was even hired to dress up as a door man and heckle lawyers as they arrived at their corporate party - everyone has a different sense of team. Paul has his own one hour Comedy Now! special and was a hit at CBC's Halifax Comedy Festival.  

Paul has starred in over 40 commercials worldwide, showcasing his comedic timing and antics.  Most recently recognized during Blue Jays broadcasts as the goofy Dad who can't catch in Honda's trade-in your car event ads. Paul won a Bessie award for best male performance in a U.S. national Superbowl Budweiser ad. Some of Paul’s film & television appearances include The Squeeze at the international short film festival, The Santa Suit opposite Kevin Sorbo, on the Hallmark and WTN networks across North American and the sitcom Dan for Mayor. Paul also can be seen in the recent Robocop reboot, sharing the screen with Gary Oldman. 

You can continue to enjoy Paul’s Comedy Now! special on CTV, The Comedy Network and online, and Paul can be heard on SiriusXM Satellite radio. Book him today!


“Out of control funny...His jokes cut like razors.” – Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine. Read full article.

"Haywood shows a great deal of ease when performing and has great facial expressions which reeled the audience in.” – JH5: Comedy Blog. Read full review.

“A real find, rocked the house” -102.1 The Edge.

“You’re pretty quick for a mainlander” – Some spooky Lady from Clarenville, NL, with beans for teeth and whiskey in a coffee cup.

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